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is tiring and broken nights are not easy. A newborn can sleep anything from 8-18 hours out of 24. It takes. common for babies to be around a year old before they sleep all through the night. Your lack of sleep won’t last forever. Just like adults, even when babies have begun to mostly sleep well at nights, there will be times when they struggle to get to sleep or wake again in the night. It might be because.. Trying to get their sleep pattern to fit in with yours is very unlikely to work and will be stressful

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Getting enough sleep is important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Getting the right amount of sleep will; Improve concentration and attention span. Give the brain time to ‘file. and mental health. Making sure children and young people get enough sleep helps them keep well, thrive and reach their potential. Sleep Difficulties Sometimes sleep is more difficult. There are many things that get in the way of a good night sleep for children. It could be; Life changes

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Sleep is a really important for your baby’s growth and development. It takes a while to understand a new baby's sleep pattern and this is different for all babies. Establishing sleep patterns in the first few months will help your baby settle and self soothe. Getting into sleep routines can. Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death. Put babies on their back to sleep Make sure babies have a clear, flat space to sleep in Keep them smoke free day and night. Dive Deeper Safer

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Sleep and the lack of it is a big topic for many parents. When your child has an additional need the likelihood of ongoing sleep problems is higher. Some research says that about 80% of children and young people with additional needs have sleep issues. You are not alone. and make sure you are both getting the occasional longer stretch of sleep. Are their family and friends. a sleep during the day it is tempting to use the time for chores. Resting when you can will benefit

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quickly as experts learn new things for example safer sleep advice has changed a lot and reduced

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to sleep with safe bedding A safety seat to travel in vehicles Something to be taken out and about. – it is exciting choosing things for your baby. Dive Deeper A Safe Place To Sleep Babies should only sleep in something that has been especially designed for a baby to sleep in. This is because it reduces. of anything other than bed linen. This keeps your baby as safe as possible as they sleep. You should not let your baby sleep on a chair or sofa You should not use pillows, baby nests or cot bumpers Bed linen

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